Carr Hill Quarry Restoration Site

After years of excavation, Carr Hill Quarry has now been exhausted of Greenmoor Rock, Grenoside Rock, Blue Clay and Black Shale, and is now a licensed inert restoration site.

The site is licensed for the receipt of clean, non contaminated rock, subsoil, brick, rubble and ceramic material (permit no. EPR/NP3394EY)

We are a licensed waste carrier, so we can arrange haulage and tipping of the unwanted inert material from your site (certificate no. 072785)


PMW Quarries Ltd have various heavy plant machines working at the Carr Hill site carrying out the restoration operation. These include Daewoo 340 backactor, Volvo EC55 backactor, Komatsu D65 Dozer, Liebherr 632 tracked loading shovel, dumptruck and roller.

Our plant can also be hired out for site work if required – including our road sweeper, so we can clean up after every operation, leaving the site in perfect condition.


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Carr Hill Quarry

Our site is open to the public and any one with inert material will be welcome to tip! more